Ordering Custom Suits For Women

For many years custom suits have been a service enjoyed by many male executives, though the fit and look of custom suits can do wonders for most men, nowhere is a female counter part more needed. In general women have more variety when it comes to body types. Finding an off the rack suit that fits comfortably and styled accordingly can be a big issue for most women. Going custom is a great way for women to create the look they desire all while being built around their body type for a perfect fit.

Custom Suits for Women

Custom suits for men have an inherent pomp and circumstance in regards to the way they are made. While there are many ways to make a custom suit, men’s custom suits quality are largely based on the hand skills and process built into it. Custom suits for women are a little different. The industry is largely new, allowing the end consumer to get the best of the different processes with out the pretentiousness surrounding its male counterpart. Understanding the two major processes for women’s custom suits can help you find the best “fit” for your needs


Bespoke is the traditional way of making custom suits. The word bespoke is said to have originated from the shops of Savile Row, London, when customers would select a fabric that was already previously sold. The tailor would let them know that it had “been spoken for”, eventually evolving to bespoke. The process revolves around the traditional way perfected by these very Savile Row tailors. It starts with the tailor taking measurements which he will use to create an imperfect pattern. Then a baste garment (a garment made using the imperfect pattern, loosely sewn together) is made and used for a fitting. This “half made suit” is the biggest thing that separates bespoke from all other custom suit process. If there is no baste fitting it is not bespoke, this applies to both mens and womens custom suits. Depending on the body type, there maybe a few fittings needed to perfect the pattern. A bespoke suit may take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks and will start around $4,000 and can get astronomical depending on the fabric. While this creates a unparalleled fit, bespoke suits are expensive and can take some time. custom suits nj


Custom is a process fairly new to the industry. It falls somewhere between bespoke and made to measure and is a cost and time effective way of creating a custom suit with most of a bespoke suits attributes. The process starts with raw measurements and patterns drafted digitally. Unlike its made to measure counter part, where existing ready made patterns are modified to the customers measurements, custom starts from a new pattern. This allows the suit to take any design much like its bespoke cousin. The biggest difference between bespoke and custom is that because of digital drafting the custom process allows for the creation of a more ‘perfect’ pattern. This results in less fittings and man hours to the suits creation. While bespoke can create a better fit the difference can be negligible. a difference further minimized by the cost, anywhere between $700-$1500 depending on the fabric, and can take between 3-6 weeks to complete.


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